The Dwellings is different than most low-barrier housing options in that we embrace technology – specifically – smart technology. Each home is equipped with an Amazon Echo allowing our residents to ask “Alexa” to order medication, call Dial-A-Ride, and more.

Likewise, each resident enjoys the luxury of:

Smart meters to monitor utility consumption

750MBPS fiber optic internet

Smart HD TVs

Solar-powered options

Smart lighting, door locks, fans, and air conditioning units

We believe that low-barrier housing should be available without limitations. We want members of The Dwellings community to have access to the same products and resources as the rest of Tallahassee. This innovative approach provides residents with the tools to grow, become self-sustainable, and take pride in a space to call their own. Here’s how:

Mary comes home after a long day of work. She kicks on the A/C and rests easy knowing her daily and weekly consumption is carefully monitored.

She then gets a text from her friend asking to have lunch on Wednesday. She uses her high speed internet, and Amazon Echo to ask “Alexa” to mark her calendar.

Then, Mary has Alexa turn on the television as she’s making dinner.

When dinner is ready, Mary sits down to enjoy her meal while Alexa locks the front door and turns off the kitchen lights.