Every 45-60 days, our construction team is building around 10 new homes for future residents.

December 2017

11 homes

January 2018

24 homes

Spring 2018

34-36 homes

Fall 2018

46-64 homes
Community Center

The Dwellings has been carefully planned with amenities to enhance the lives of residents. This includes on-site case management and shared gathering spaces.


Our residents will soon enjoy:

  • Educational Classes
  • Greenhouse Garden
  • Access to a Case Manager
  • Walking Trails
  • Workshop
  • Group Dining Hall
  • Laundry Room


Interested in seeing if you qualify for residency at The Dwellings?
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Currently, our grounds contain:

Upon completion, our grounds will contain:

  • 130 Tiny Homes
  • A Community Center
  • Community Gardens
  • A Hydroponic Greenhouse
  • Training / Educational Facilities (for the development of skills and connection to resources)
  • A Community Kitchen and Dining Hall
  • Outside Gathering Spaces
  • Solar Power
  • Shuttle Services

The Dwellings