Our Residents

We measure our success by the success of our residents. Take a look into some of the lives we are changing daily:


Jason first came to the Dwellings in late 2018 in search of stable housing in a safe neighborhood. Jason suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed the way he lived. He expressed a desire to take back his independence as well as help others- two things CESC is happy to facilitate. After moving in at the Dwellings, Jason quickly became a well-known friendly face in the community. He is intentional about regularly finding other community members in need and helping them. He helps neighbors with limitations by taking out their trash, carrying groceries and cleaning up shared communal spaces. Jason makes it a mission to be a positive force in the community. Jason shared that moving to the Dwellings has given him peace of mind and reassurance about neighbors and neighborhood. He is thankful to be a part of a community with so much available at one place.


Bob moved here in January 2019, and he says that from day one it has been an absolute joy. He thinks that the office staff is helpful and has assembled a community of diverse and interesting backgrounds of people who want to make The Dwellings a model for “Tiny Living”.

Bob has been helping Reo, the greenhouse master gardener, grow produce for the dining hall. Bob has over 30 years of experience in horticulture, so he is serving his community with his expertise. Seeing plants grow from seeds to vegetables and full crops has been an enjoyable experience for him. Bob is excited to get involved in the kitchen and the woodwork shop when they open. The activities and the community here are everything that he has ever wanted. Bob loves his community and his tiny house because they re cozy, friendly, and safe.


Chris has lived in The Dwellings for almost a year. She moved here from California and was living in her brothers RV. Chris loved tiny houses so she checked out The Dwellings and loves it! The staff keeps the community updated pays attention to details. Chris said “Because of the way John, Trevor and Micha care for the community and site, we care more about one another as well as the property”.

Chris thinks her house is perfect and it is just how she would have designed it- everything is clean, safe and kept that way. She says she has more amenities at The Dwellings then she could have afforded anywhere else. 


Shirley  loves her tiny house and her tiny house community. She has grown fond of her neighbors and feels like she can be herself here. She enjoys taking part in the activities in the community and loves going to the dining hall. She says her tiny house is cute and has just enough space. She plays music through Alexa and watches Create on The Dwellings TV network.

The Dwellings is just what Shirley needed. She raised children, and then grandchildren when her daughter passed away. Staying with family became the norm for Shirley, but now in her 70s she finally has a comfortable and happy space for one.




The Dwellings