The goal of this project is to create comprehensive housing that provides residents with the resources and acquisition of skills needed to lead successful lives.


This revolutionary community uses the tiny home model as a foundational element to achieving a larger goal set by CESC, Inc. – a nonprofit organization working to make homelessness, rare, brief, and non-recurring. Through a comprehensive approach, CESC and its subsidiaries address the causes of homelessness and work to provide growth and stability for clients.

Our tiny homes provide a manageable space for individuals who are institutionally, financially, or socially disadvantaged. On-site management provides them with the tools to grow, overcome problems, and find suitable solutions that are maintainable for the long-term.

The Dwellings is different in that we embrace technology, specifically, smart technology. For example, each home is equipped with an Amazon Echo allowing an individual to ask “Alexa” to order medication, call Dial-A-Ride, and more. Likewise, each resident enjoys the luxury of smart meters to maintain utility consumption, 750MBPS fiber optic internet, smart HD TVs, solar-powered options, and smart lighting, door locks, fans, and air conditioning.

This innovative approach provides residents with the tools to grow, become self-sustainable, and take pride in a space to call their own.

The Dwellings in Tallahassee site map

Currently, our grounds contain:

  • 12 Occupied Homes
  • 12 Homes Near Completion (And Accounted For)
  • Continued Construction of the Next 24 Homes
  • Laundry Services

Upon completion, our grounds will contain:

  • 130 Tiny Homes
  • A Community Center
  • Community Gardens
  • A Greenhouse
  • Training / Educational Facilities (for the development of skills and connection to resources)
  • Case Management
  • Community Kitchen and Dining Hall
  • Outside Gathering Spaces



Residents are taken through an application process and assessed on a case-by-case basis. Those interested in becoming a resident of our tiny home community program are encouraged to apply by emailing us at or visiting our on-site office from 9-11 am and/or 2-4 pm Monday-Friday.


You probably have questions. We have answers.

Is The Dwellings the “next step” for current clients of The Kearney Center?

No. The leadership involved with this project have a desire to combat homelessness at every level. Facilities and programs found at The Kearney Center address one level. Another separate level includes support for hard-working people who, for much of their life, have been self-sustaining but due to one or many unfortunate life circumstances, are now in distress, financially. Our vision for The Dwellings is of a great community for those who are fighting back, our hard-working citizens that need a boost in life.

How can you prevent sex offenders from living in the community?

The Dwellings is a private, comprehensive program with strict screening and requirements. This allows us to accept only those participants that we believe we can help and will contribute to the success of the community.

I am concerned about homeless people waking each day and loitering in the vicinity of the community? How will this be addressed?

The men and women on I-10 exits, or those sleeping at Lake Ella are NOT candidates for The Dwellings. It is important to separate this new, innovative development from the services and clients at The Kearney Center.

Can you give an example of the types of program participants, residents, we might expect to see living at The Dwellings?

These are people who for much of their life have been self-sustaining but due to one or many unfortunate life circumstances, are now in distress, financially. These individuals include fine, contributing members of our community such as:

  • Veterans returning from service to attend one of our colleges who are trying to live on their G.I. Bill.
  • A promising student at TCC/FAMU/FSU who comes from a poor family and wasn’t fortunate enough to get a scholarship.
  • Long-time, dutiful mid-salary earners who get fired without an adequate severance package and a totally inadequate retirement fund.
  • Moms and kids fleeing domestic violence who have been harboring at Refuge House for too many months and who want to live free again.
  • A person with disabilities on a fixed $1,000 monthly income.
  • A newly-divorced parent of 3 whose paycheck is almost wholly dedicated to child support.
I am concerned about traffic in the community and on HW-20, what is the community going to do to address this?

Great question, and we thought of this as well. The community will have a shuttle bus that gets residents into town where they can utilize public transportation.

Isn’t this community located too far from the city to be effective?

Not at all. We believe the location and its proximity to TCC and Lively Technical are an asset. We will have a shuttle bus for residents to utilize if transportation is an issue for them. Please remember, this program is not for the chronically homeless. We believe many residents will have access to or own a vehicle. These are working people that are currently getting to work and school.

Will the community be managed?

Yes. The community, program and participants (residents) will be managed.

Will the community have security?

Yes. The community will have 24-hour security.

With the number of cottages, how will you manage vehicle traffic within the community?

In keeping with a green, sustainable community, we are going to develop a parking area for all residents. Residents will then walk to their cottage. This eliminates unnecessary traffic and noise in the community.

Who will own The Dwellings?

The Dwellings will be owned by a 501C3 nonprofit corporation and will be privately funded initially by a generous gift by Rick Kearney and The Beatitude Foundation, also funded by Rick Kearney.

The Dwellings