Our Program

The Dwellings is the third entity under CESC, Inc. and aids in the overarching mission of offering help and hope by creating solutions that provide a path to self-sufficiency to those in poverty.

Who are we serving?

We are a sustainable housing solution for individuals who are financially, socially, or institutionally disadvantaged. Simply put, we assist those who do not traditionally meet the requirements for most housing options in Tallahassee.

For example, a veteran on a fixed income without the funds to put down first and last month’s rent, may be eligible to live at The Dwellings and participate in our program.

What does it mean to have a program in a housing community?

All of our residents agree to participate in our programming when they agree to live in our community. We understand that eradicating homelessness is not as simple as giving someone a roof over their head, and we look to ensure our residents continue to grow and maintain success. We are able to do this with on-site case management, access to communal services such as laundry facilities, gathering spaces, a dining hall and more. We offer over 130 housing units with a low carbon footprint, high-tech benefits, and access to resources all in one location.

Interested in becoming a participating member in our program?
Feel free to email us at info@thedwellings.org for more information.

The Dwellings